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Latest Patch: April 21, 2018

  • You can no longer click on Pickup Pets or Raised Pets. All clicks on Pickup Pets or Raised Pets pass through them, clicking on the object behind them.
  • Added digit spacing to the damage display. This takes effect at damages greater than 9999, and is formatted like so: "10 000", "100 000", "1 000 000", etc.
  • Pickup pets no longer stay despawned when you teleport. They are re-activated after the teleport is finished, much like how Raised Pets are.
  • The cooldown for Scroll of Holy has been reduced to 10 seconds only in Guild Siege and Free-For-All Siege.
  • Cursed Mind Changes: You now have to target an enemy. When cast on a targeted enemy, the enemy and any other enemies around the targeted enemy will be affected by Cursed Mind.
  • If a skill misses for any reason, you are now told with red system text.
  • Improved the functionality of the Scroll of Holy. This possibly fixes the Stun Bug; let me know.
  • Improved how many debuffs Gvur Tialla can cure.
  • Activition now lasts for 1 hour and costs 30 million Penya.
  • Fixed a bug where buying an item from a private shop with a full inventory caused the shop to take your money and not give you the item.
  • Fixed some text bugs with Cursed Mind's description and some Festive Rock descriptions.
  • Fixed a bug where Gingerbread could be used despite being active already.
  • Fixed a bug where you could use the Guild House Return Scroll to teleport away from certain locations or certain events.
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